Our Core Values



LSINT pursuing the best quality in all business. We will satisfy all the requirements which related to quality.



LSINT contract with manufactures as exclusive agent in Korea, we carry out sales and A/S directly. We always try our best and make effort to supply best quality machinery with best price which reduce charge in circulation process and without any bubble.



LSINT will provide professional advice to customers, like the best method to selecting machinery, optimum equipment and service. We will provide the machinery and service according to the nature of customer's company, budget and requirement.

Main Business

Light Construction Equipment

ROADWAY and DYNAMIC are using the world’s trustworthy brand parts on their roller equipment, road paving equipment, concrete equipment. They always develop special function and novel model for customer.

Light Construction Equipment

Heavy Construction Equipment

Korean construction companies were satisfied for the suitable large and medium-sized equipment which we supplied to their overseas construction projects in 2 ~ 5 years. They successfully complete the project using these machineries.

Heavy Construction Equipment

Building Materials

FLAT PACK container can save more than 50% transportation costs and 99% material can be reused. FLAT PACK container is heat insulation and waterproof, as the comfortable office and dormitory in the construction site, it can be used in hot area like desert, and also can be used in severe cold area.

Building Materials